Essential Bathroom Maintenance As The Winter Finally Warms

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Bathroom Maintenance

With another frigid winter finally coming to an end, it’s only natural to start thinking about making big changes around the house, particularly bathroom maintenance. Spring-cleaning lets us tackle repairs, make some deep cleans, and get around to upgrades we’ve been too tired (or too cold!) to accomplish throughout the winter months. With so much new life blooming outside, it’s the perfect time to invest in a new start in our homes — even if it’s just for one room at a time.

This March and April, while you’re scrubbing and mopping the bathroom, don’t forget to go a bit deeper and look to the room’s plumbing health! To start your bathroom maintenance, check your plumbing! A bathroom with faultless plumbing is only a scrub away from perfection, so be sure to follow our brief washroom inspection to get that spring-clean feeling.

Steps To Take?

First, after cleaning the toilet, look for cracks in the bowl, tank, lid, or other parts. If you’ve got a small crack, it may not cause any problems now, but it could lead to bigger dilemmas down the line. This might be a perfect time to repair those nagging flushing issues you’ve been having — the handle that needs a few jiggles or needs to be held down just to get the toilet to flush. Replacing the handle or the interior components of the tank isn’t overly expensive, and can save you money on your water bill (and daily aggravation).

You should also check to see if the holding tank is leaking water into the bowl. The easiest way to do this is to add a few drops of bright food coloring to the tank. If you see the water in the bowl change color in about half an hour, you’ve got a leak! Leaking tanks waste water and crank up your bills, so call our plumbing experts to have you airtight in no time.

bathroom maintenance

Once you’ve scrubbed the tub, why not take the time to clean the showerhead to have more powerful flow? Mineral deposits can really seal up the small holes, so to get them clear you’ve got to do some dissolving. Either take off the showerhead completely or attach a plastic bag filled with vinegar with a rubber band. You want the head to float in the vinegar overnight. Afterward, go at it with a toothbrush. If you don’t usually use the bathtub in question, pour a gallon of hot water down the drain to get things moving again. You can always snake the drain as a good start to a working relationship.

After you’ve given your sink a wipe, look for more water-wasting leaks from the taps. You can catch a slow leak by placing a bowl under the faucet and checking for drops. A simple repair might be required — a replacement or greasing of the spring and seat of the stem. You could also unscrew the trap and empty the contents to find a blockage. Of course, if you don’t want to go to the trouble, we’d be happy to help!

Check underneath the sink, too — check for moisture and mould. Then clean out your sink with a zip tool or snake, getting rid of accumulated debris. For both your bathtub and bathroom sink drains, we’d recommend investing in good strainers — they’ll catch excess soap, hair, and other substances that cause clogs.

Bigger Problems?

These are just a few basic, introductory tips, but don’t limit yourself to these or to a close look at the bathroom alone — your house’s plumbing is all part of a connected web, and if one part is slow or problematic, it can cause problems for every inch of the building. If you’d like some help with your spring-cleaning maintenance updates, simply give us a call and we’ll have a plumbing specialist help you through any job. Make this spring a real time of change, and let’s get to work!

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Install A Water Softener To Keep Your Pipes Clean!

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Install A Water Softener!

Installing a water softener will get rid of your hard water problem! Take a minute to read the following to figure out if your water supply is suffering from the presence of too many minerals. If so, we’re certainly able to help!

Hard Water Versus Soft Water

The difference between hard and soft water is all in the mineral composition. Hard water has a higher percentage of calcium carbonate, magnesium, lime, chalk, sulfates, and other ions. It can be tasty and deliver more nutrients per glass, but isn’t ideal for cleaning or your pipes. That’s why it’s a smart idea to leave your drinking water alone, and focus on softening the water you use to bathe, clean clothes, and do the dishes.

One way to know the softness or hardness levels is how your bath and shower feels. Do you have a hard time getting soaps and detergents to lather up nice and bubbly? Does it take extra work to really get a nice froth going? Take a look at your shower curtain and the inside of your tub — how quickly does soap scum accumulate after purchasing a new plastic curtain? If you’ve got a scum/residue issue, and it’s tough to lather up, your water is on the hard side of the spectrum.

Problems With Hard Water

Hard water will also make your hair look a bit dull and sticky and will make your skin feel rough and dry, and will block your pores. Extremely hard water can even dye your hair a nasty orange color.

Hard water’s foul effects aren’t limited to bath-time — it also makes cleaning clothes and dishes more difficult, and more wasteful. Generally speaking, clothes come out looking duller and dirtier the harder the water, and glassware and other dishes will seem dingier, with more smudges, stains, and other soapy film left behind. Washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and other appliances have to work harder in harder water, making them less energy and water efficient.

Another problem with hard water is that it can erode and rust your plumbing system. Limescale and scum can build up in your pipes and cause major problems — and the last thing you want is a rusted plumbing system!

Install A Water Softener Today!

Luckily, HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning works in partnership with www.waterdirect.ca to provide great deals on AquaMaster® home water appliances, and water softeners and water filters in particular! A properly installed water softener can remove water hardness, letting you save on your appliances, your plumbing, your skin and hair, and your water bill.

And if you purchase an AMP50, AMP51, or AMP55 model through our recommendation, you can benefit from even more savings. Simply enter “HYPRO” in the coupon code section to receive $200 off your order. If you’d like help installing the model, you can forego the rebate to enjoy free installation by entering “FREEINSTALL” in the same section.

Once you’ve got a handle on water hardness, you’ll want to schedule semi-regular maintenance checks to make sure it’s been installed and is operating properly. Once again, we’re more than happy to help you keep your new investment in tip-top shape. Order a water softener from Water Direct and enjoy the HY-PRO bonus, then have us over to ensure things run as soft and smooth as your next shower.

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How To Make Bar And Drain Flies Buzz Off — And Stay Gone

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Having A Drain Flies Problem?

Drain flies are a scary thing. The all-too-common drain fly (otherwise known as the Psychodidae) and the fruit fly (or the drosophila melanogaster) can be an occasional nuisance or a major liability. Having flies buzzing around your drains in the home is never a welcome quality, but they’re even more aggravating in a business setting — a cloud of insects circling around fountain lines, beer taps, or in the bathroom might turn customers off in a major way and start eating into your profits.

Drain flies live and lay eggs in decomposing organic matter that sometimes accumulates in sinks, basins, toilets, and so forth, and hang out in moist areas nearby (you’ll notice that they’re most active at night). Both drain and barflies go through breeding and life cycles extremely quickly (we’re talking a matter of days and weeks), so trying to kill the adults you see via swatter or fly traps will only temporarily alleviate the problem.

Plus, you can’t use pesticides or toxins in a restaurant or bar due to concerns over cross-contamination. You’ve got to go right to the source and remove the conditions they find so appealing if you want them to buzz off.

How To Deal With Them

Before dealing with these guests, figure out which drains they’re coming from. One trick to this is placing a strip of clear Scotch tape across the drain overnight. If you see some flies caught in the tape, you know they’re travelling in and out of that particular drain. Once discovered, you can take measures to thoroughly clean it out by removing all organic materials: that means cleaning the hair catcher, using a metal pipe brush and a plumbing snake, following up with a cleaner and a thorough plunging.

For bars and restaurants, get rid of customer-disturbing barflies by keeping your taps and lines clean, scrubbing surfaces and hard-to-reach places with a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda, by keeping drains covered at night, and cleaning drains as described above. Flies thrive in moist conditions where sugary, organic materials are left behind, behind a bar, in a kitchen, and in washrooms. That means extra diligence on your part in keeping things clean and tidy!

Having a cleaning regimen in place won’t immediately zap every last fly in your establishment, but it will mean that they’ll slowly disappear or find more suitable locations to breed and hang out.

Our Drain Flies Eliminator!

Our team depends on Drain Blast™—Drain Fly Eliminator to eliminate the areas where drain flies and bar flies live and breed. Using a powerful but all-natural combination of bacteria, citric acid, fumaric acid, and sodium bicarbonate, Drain Blast™ degrades the left-over organic material in drains, cracks, crevices, urinals, taps, and fountain lines without damaging your plumbing or leaving behind harmful chemical residues, toxins, pesticides, or poisons.

That means it’s safe for the food and beverage industry as well as for any home. It’ll also kill any foul odours, leaving your bathroom, kitchen, restroom, or bar smelling fresh and clean.

If dealing with pesky airborne intruders has you at your wits’ end, or nothing else seems to keep them away, let’s get together! When it comes to flies, our plumbing experts have seen it all. We’ll get to the bottom of every drainage problem for both residential and commercial dwellings and have your home or business insect-free faster than you can say, Psychodidae!

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