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Replace Underground Pipes And Save Time & Money!

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Looking To Replace Underground Pipes? If you’re looking to replace underground pipes and are looking to DIY, proceed with great caution. Part of the reason you call a professional residential or commercial plumbing service is because you’re simply not an expert. It’s okay to admit that you don’t have the tools, training, and expert skills needed to conduct complex repairs and removals; that’s what a professional is for, after all! And one of the major obstacles preventing amateur (or would-be) plumbers from de-clogging or replacing buried pipes is the simple fact that it can require so much work — especially when it comes to underground pipelines that run beneath your home, business, parking lot, driveway, lawn, or other expensive investment. Thankfully, our speedy and friendly service also boasts the latest advances in trenchless technology! This system lets our staff repair, replace, or clean out damaged or blocked pipes without disturbing…

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Backflow Prevention With HY-PRO’s Prevention Service

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Backflow Prevention When you’ve got a properly working plumbing system, the clean water and waste water run in predictable directions — the waste runs down into your city’s sewer system (or into your sump basin), and fresh water flows down to refill your pipes and tanks. If wastewater starts running in the opposite direction — in other words, dangerous or toxic substances find their way back into your toilet bowl or water supply — then you’ve got a serious problem that can result in anything from basic aesthetic issues to extreme (and deadly) health hazards from pesticides and biological waste. You’ve got to ensure that your potable water supply stays clean, so if you suspect (or know) you’re facing a backflow problem, be sure to call us immediately! Problems Related To Backflow You’ll be happy to know that backflow prevention is a part of our regular services. A working system…

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Scope Out The Problem With Pipe And Sewer Cameras

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Pipe And Sewer Cameras? Every tried to peer down a drain or sewer pipe to find some pesky blockage? Have you ever spent time shining a feeble flashlight into the dark, or rooting around with a snake made from a coat hanger or some other makeshift contraption? The fact is: plumbing lines extend into the walls, beneath the ground, and through the ceilings of buildings—and some are extremely small in diameter, or have joints and crevices that are prone to problematic build-ups. Average drain-cleansing methods or arbitrary flushing attempts sometimes miss the crucial problem, simply because they’re applied at one end with the hope that they somehow make a difference in the dark. That’s where our amazing pipeline video inspections come in! With our handy tools, any household or commercial sewer lines or connection pipes are easily accessed, investigated, and assessed, eliminating the necessity of a major drain or an…

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Keep Your Commercial Property Plumbing Running Smoothly With HY-PRO!

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Commercial Property Maintaining your commercial property is essential for great hygiene. When you’ve got a commercial kitchen, you know that plumbing problems aren’t a mere inconvenience, able to be ignored or left alone until repair-time suits you best. Even seemingly insignificant pipe, drain, valve, water temperature, or other plumbing-related matters can quickly blossom into full-blown disasters that can halt business in its tracks, create unsafe working conditions, and put customers off your establishment. The best thing to remember is that untreated plumbing problems will only cost you more money, time, and aggravation the longer you ignore them, so be proactive! Institute a preventative maintenance program now, and catch those small problems before they become catastrophic. We’re used to all manner of commercial kitchen issues. We’ve plunged into the oiliest, dirtiest grease traps to prevent mucky build-up. Our grease trap rescue kits have saved kitchens from becoming stinky, off-putting places that…

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Bathroom Sewage Got You Down? It’s Time To Call The Experts

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Having Bathroom Sewage Problems? Discovering bathroom sewage in your home is never a nice welcoming. Washrooms are places to feel clean and renewed or places to relax and unwind. But when your comforting bath, rejuvenating shower or daily scrub are accompanied by the rank smell of sewage, gas, or waste, you’ll quickly start wondering if you can fit yourself into your kitchen sink! You’ll also find yourself reluctant to invite guests into the home — you don’t want to be associated with a stinky, sewer-smelling bathroom, do you? A Quick Fix If you detect a gross smell coming from the bathroom, it’s time to start thinking about calling HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning — but you can do a few tests first to make sure that the problem can’t be solved with a quick fix. Regardless of what’s causing the odor, know that prolonged exposure to certain sewer-based gasses — methane and…

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Ensure Satisfied Tenants With HY-PRO’s Preventative Maintenance Plans

Posted by on April 30/2015 | 0 Comments

Get Satisfied Tenants With Preventative Maintenance Preventative maintenance starts with maxims like “the best defense is offense,” “measure twice, cut once,” and “a little prevention is worth a lot of cure” — the best way to keep your large properties adequately maintained is through a Preventative Maintenance Plan (or PMP for short). If you’re looking for a way to cut down on costly emergency repair bills, keep your tenants happy and satisfied, and stop playing perpetual catch-up with plumbing and drain systems malfunction, then implementing a solid PMP is the way to go. When it comes to property plumbing services, think prevention, not reaction! As a property manager, you’re legally obligated to stay on top of the water systems in each apartment, studio, storefront, or other dwelling in your building. As many will tell you, being a landlord means getting familiar with how plumbing and drains really work — one…

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Always Hire Licensed And Insured Plumbers, No Matter What!

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Hire An Insured Plumber! To maintain the health of your plumbing systems, make sure to hire an insured plumber if you are in need of a plumbing service. You might hear of a dirt-cheap local service or a handy friend or neighbour who claims to be able to handle all manner of plumbing issues. It’s always tempting to save money, but hiring unlicensed and uninsured workers can make your problems much, much worse. There’s never an excuse to cut corners when it comes to property maintenance and plumbing and drain cleaning. Remember the old saying: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is … All licensed plumbers in the province of Ontario must first serve as an apprentice. Students earn their license by first completing a year’s worth (or two semesters’ worth) of classes in plumbing techniques, principles, tools, safety, documentation, and mechanics from an accredited college.…

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Essential Bathroom Maintenance As The Winter Finally Warms

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Bathroom Maintenance With another frigid winter finally coming to an end, it’s only natural to start thinking about making big changes around the house, particularly bathroom maintenance. Spring-cleaning lets us tackle repairs, make some deep cleans, and get around to upgrades we’ve been too tired (or too cold!) to accomplish throughout the winter months. With so much new life blooming outside, it’s the perfect time to invest in a new start in our homes — even if it’s just for one room at a time. This March and April, while you’re scrubbing and mopping the bathroom, don’t forget to go a bit deeper and look to the room’s plumbing health! To start your bathroom maintenance, check your plumbing! A bathroom with faultless plumbing is only a scrub away from perfection, so be sure to follow our brief washroom inspection to get that spring-clean feeling. Steps To Take? First, after cleaning…

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Install A Water Softener To Keep Your Pipes Clean!

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Install A Water Softener! Installing a water softener will get rid of your hard water problem! Take a minute to read the following to figure out if your water supply is suffering from the presence of too many minerals. If so, we’re certainly able to help! Hard Water Versus Soft Water The difference between hard and soft water is all in the mineral composition. Hard water has a higher percentage of calcium carbonate, magnesium, lime, chalk, sulfates, and other ions. It can be tasty and deliver more nutrients per glass, but isn’t ideal for cleaning or your pipes. That’s why it’s a smart idea to leave your drinking water alone, and focus on softening the water you use to bathe, clean clothes, and do the dishes. One way to know the softness or hardness levels is how your bath and shower feels. Do you have a hard time getting soaps…

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How To Make Bar And Drain Flies Buzz Off — And Stay Gone

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Having A Drain Flies Problem? Drain flies are a scary thing. The all-too-common drain fly (otherwise known as the Psychodidae) and the fruit fly (or the drosophila melanogaster) can be an occasional nuisance or a major liability. Having flies buzzing around your drains in the home is never a welcome quality, but they’re even more aggravating in a business setting — a cloud of insects circling around fountain lines, beer taps, or in the bathroom might turn customers off in a major way and start eating into your profits. Drain flies live and lay eggs in decomposing organic matter that sometimes accumulates in sinks, basins, toilets, and so forth, and hang out in moist areas nearby (you’ll notice that they’re most active at night). Both drain and barflies go through breeding and life cycles extremely quickly (we’re talking a matter of days and weeks), so trying to kill the adults…

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