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5 Plumbing Mistakes That Will Lead to a Plumbing Disaster

Posted by on January 29/2014

Plumbing Mistakes Before long, everyone will face plumbing mistakes. Whether it’s a clogged drain, a backed-up toilet or any other number of problems, we’re willing to bet you’ve come across one of these problems a number of times in your life. Take these mistakes into consideration when you’re around your plumbing to prevent disaster. Things Down the Drain Your drain just isn’t meant for some things. If you let things wash down the drain that aren’t meant to be, like toys, big chunks of food, and any other large objects, you’re bound for a plumbing problem. If it can fit down a drain, you can bet it’s been flushed by someone at one time or another. The Garbage Disposal Your garbage disposal is not a garbage can. Even though it may be tempting, because it’s easy, if you put everything down the sink thinking it can handle it, it won’t.…

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4 Essential Tips To Know Before You Do A Bathroom Renovation

Posted by on January 16/2014

Doing A Bathroom Renovation? So, you’re tired of your bathroom and want to do a bathroom renovation. It’s time to grab the sledgehammer. There are a few considerations to keep in mind before starting. Before you tear everything down, use our tips to ensure that your bathroom functions as well as it looks. Go With Quality When tallying up the entire cost, it may seem financially secure to go with lower quality for a better price. This could cost you down the road, so when you’re thinking about renovating, choose quality parts for pipes and fixtures. Plumbing problems are commonly due to parts that just aren’t up to the task, and your renovation could end up costing you much more than you thought it would. Soak In The Tub When you’re out shopping around for you bath tubs, don’t be afraid to get in and go for a soak. You…

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Perks Of An High Efficient Toilet For Your Home

Posted by on January 08/2014

Advantages To An Efficient Toilet An efficient toilet means more than just flushing properly. There are environmental advantages to them as well. Some people look at high-efficiency toilets and wonder whether they can really get the job done. That’s an understandable concern. No one wants a toilet that can’t flush properly. The truth is that high-efficiency toilets are designed to work just as well as regular toilets. In fact, they offer several benefits that might convince you to replace your old toilet. Use Less Water High-efficiency toilets use less water than traditional designs. The amount that you save depends on the specific model that you purchase. Many of the latest models use less than five liters of water per flush. Why should you care how much water your toilet uses? There are a few reasons. using less water means you pay lower utility bills high-efficiency toilets put less stress on…

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Tips for Preparing For Winter Plumbing

Posted by on January 03/2014

Winter Plumbing Tips Winter plumbing can get frustrating and tedious. But freezing temperatures in the winter months can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system. Before it gets too cold, make sure you follow these winterization tips for preparing your water lines and drain lines for the winter. They could save you a lot of time and money, not to mention the inconvenience of living in a house with busted pipes! At Hy-Pro Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we are committed to helping our customers in Ontario maintain healthy pipes all year round by providing professional maintenance services and efficient…

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