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How to Solve Major Drain Problems

Posted by on March 28/2014

Prevent Major Drain Problems There are many major drain problems that can be fixed at home by a confident DIY-er but it is important to keep in mind that it is often best left to those with years of training and experience. For one thing, professionals are more likely to be able to see the big picture and accurately assess the cause of your problems in order to come to the right solution. You may be able to fix a small leak on your own but if that leak was systemic of a larger problem you may inadvertently make the situation worse in the long term. That being said, it is also a good idea to have some idea of what is wrong and how it might be solved so that you know what to expect. Steps in Solving Major Drain Problems The first step is to determine which pipe…

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10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Unclog Those Clogged Drains!

Posted by on March 26/2014

Clogged Drains To ensure you have smooth drains, clogged drains will usually require the work of trained professionals as it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to plumbing problems. Bad clogs may require snaking and this is best done by an experienced plumber so that they have to opportunity to make sure the clog is not systemic of a large problem. Very slow drains and stubborn clogs may require professional help but there are many things you can do to prevent your clogged drains from reaching that point. Prevention The best way to deal with clogged drains is to avoid having them by practicing some simple habits around the home. Here are some kitchen, bathroom, and some general tips to help your smooth drains running just as it should. Kitchen Tips Never pour grease or oil down the sink as this can have a serious…

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Essential Plumber Questions You Should Ask Every Plumber!

Posted by on March 14/2014

Plumber Questions If you don’t know much about plumbing, that’s okay. You’ll have to hire a plumber eventually, and you’ll want to know which plumber questions to ask. Here are a few of the most important plumber questions you should be asking any plumber you’re considering hiring. Do You Have Insurance? This is one out of the many plumber questions you should ask. If the answer to this question is no, run the other way. Every plumber doing work in your home should be able to provide you with insurance. Any damage that is caused to your home will have to be fixed, and you don’t want to have to foot the bill for someone else’s mistake. Do You Have A License To Do This? If there is a requirement for a plumber to have a license in your area, it’s important to know that they have one. If the…

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Thinking About A Plumbing Career? Here Are 6 Important Considerations

Posted by on March 10/2014

Plumbing Career A plumbing career can be a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have running water! And with a continued shortage of workers in the skilled trades across Canada, prospective plumbers could be well-positioned for steady work and a good salary. Here are some considerations to keep in mind. Solid Prospects The most recent job outlook published by the Ontario government predicted good prospects for trained plumbers. That’s good news, considering global economic instability and unemployment in Ontario at nearly 8 percent in December. For young people, that figure tends to be even higher. Demand for plumbers is more solid than other trades linked to construction because there’s always a need for people with the know-how to maintain the existing network of pipes. That means you’re less vulnerable to economic downturns. Work Hours Varied The 2009 Employment Ontario report showed that most plumbers have…

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Becoming HVAC Students And Great Study Tips!

Posted by on March 07/2014

Study Tips For HVAC Students Becoming HVAC students mean you will be transitioning into being an HVAC professional. This means being responsible for the comfort and safety of people’s homes and workplaces. It requires knowledge and skill, and the tests aren’t easy. Here are some tips for HVAC  students. Major Topics HVAC installation and maintenance requires solid knowledge of all major areas of the trade. One study guide for HVAC technicians suggests that students have broad knowledge of the following topics. Controls, troubleshooting, repair and mechanical tools Refrigeration, fluid flow and heat transfer theory Filters and charcoal absorbers Electrical theory, motors, instruments and tools Operations and safety Check with your instructor to find out what exactly will be covered on your test. Reading The Material Usually, trades like HVAC involve reading and hands-on practice. When reading, instead of just passively ingesting the material, consider these tips on “Getting the Most…

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HVAC Installation Check! Is It Installed Properly?

Posted by on March 03/2014

HVAC Installation Common Problems HVAC Installation is important in having a comfortable home that often depends on the correct functioning of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Or HVAC, especially in regions of Canada where temperatures swing between sweltering hot summers and frozen winter months. HVAC installation mistakes may require costly repairs and could even endanger your life. It’s always advisable to hire a trained technician to take care of this sensitive work. If you are wondering whether your HVAC was installed by a pro, check for these common problems. Leaky Ducts Improperly installed HVACs are often very leaky. This is often an invisible problem that happens in the ducts of your attic. But if your electricity bill is a lot higher than expected, or your rooms are hard to heat or cool, the culprit may be leaky ducts. In some cases, these allow more than 40 per cent of your…

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