The 2014 DecemberHy-Pro Plumbing Blog

Be Your Home’s Hero And Unblock A Clogged Toilet!

Posted by on December 29/2014

How To Unblock Toilet We’ve all been in that situation—equal parts frustrating, frightening, and embarrassing—when we’re faced with clogged toilets and are the ones who caused it. Try as we might, we can’t get the water to flush properly, and time’s running out. It’s bad enough when we’re alone, but all the more dicey when we have guests over or if we live with other people—and even worse when we’re unable to unblock toilets at one of our host’s washrooms! So before you panic, start flushing madly (a terrible idea, by the way!), and flood the room, remember HY-PRO Plumbing…

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Prepping Pipes For Another Cold Winter Is Essential

Posted by on December 22/2014

Prepping Pipes For Winter Prepping pipes for the cold winter is essential in maintaining its health. You’ve enjoyed your cottage, lodge, or cabin as much as humanly possible this year—in fact, you’ve squeezed every last moment out of your cherished holiday house, trying to escape the city or the doldrums of work. But now it’s time to face the facts: once again, winter is upon us, and you’re going to have to wait through another four months of cold wind, snow, and ice before you can enjoy another relaxing getaway. For you, it’s high time you made sure you cottage’s plumbing systems are outfitted for another winter. Here are a few things to remember when winterizing any vacant dwelling. How Can You Begin Prepping Pipes? Obviously, you’re going to want to have some heat flowing through the premises to not turn your property into an ice cube. Some residual heat…

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