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Essential Bathroom Maintenance As The Winter Finally Warms

Posted by on March 29/2015

Bathroom Maintenance With another frigid winter finally coming to an end, it’s only natural to start thinking about making big changes around the house, particularly bathroom maintenance. Spring-cleaning lets us tackle repairs, make some deep cleans, and get around to upgrades we’ve been too tired (or too cold!) to accomplish throughout the winter months. With so much new life blooming outside, it’s the perfect time to invest in a new start in our homes — even if it’s just for one room at a time. This March and April, while you’re scrubbing and mopping the bathroom, don’t forget to go a bit deeper and look to the room’s plumbing health! To start your bathroom maintenance, check your plumbing! A bathroom with faultless plumbing is only a scrub away from perfection, so be sure to follow our brief washroom inspection to get that spring-clean feeling. Steps To Take? First, after cleaning…

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Install A Water Softener To Keep Your Pipes Clean!

Posted by on March 18/2015

Install A Water Softener! Installing a water softener will get rid of your hard water problem! Take a minute to read the following to figure out if your water supply is suffering from the presence of too many minerals. If so, we’re certainly able to help! Hard Water Versus Soft Water The difference between hard and soft water is all in the mineral composition. Hard water has a higher percentage of calcium carbonate, magnesium, lime, chalk, sulfates, and other ions. It can be tasty and deliver more nutrients per glass, but isn’t ideal for cleaning or your pipes. That’s why it’s a smart idea to leave your drinking water alone, and focus on softening the water you use to bathe, clean clothes, and do the dishes. One way to know the softness or hardness levels is how your bath and shower feels. Do you have a hard time getting soaps…

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