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Keep Your Commercial Property Plumbing Running Smoothly With HY-PRO!

Posted by on May 27/2015

Commercial Property Maintaining your commercial property is essential for great hygiene. When you’ve got a commercial kitchen, you know that plumbing problems aren’t a mere inconvenience, able to be ignored or left alone until repair-time suits you best. Even seemingly insignificant pipe, drain, valve, water temperature, or other plumbing-related matters can quickly blossom into full-blown disasters that can halt business in its tracks, create unsafe working conditions, and put customers off your establishment. The best thing to remember is that untreated plumbing problems will only cost you more money, time, and aggravation the longer you ignore them, so be proactive! Institute a preventative maintenance program now, and catch those small problems before they become catastrophic. We’re used to all manner of commercial kitchen issues. We’ve plunged into the oiliest, dirtiest grease traps to prevent mucky build-up. Our grease trap rescue kits have saved kitchens from becoming stinky, off-putting places that…

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Bathroom Sewage Got You Down? It’s Time To Call The Experts

Posted by on May 13/2015

Having Bathroom Sewage Problems? Discovering bathroom sewage in your home is never a nice welcoming. Washrooms are places to feel clean and renewed or places to relax and unwind. But when your comforting bath, rejuvenating shower or daily scrub are accompanied by the rank smell of sewage, gas, or waste, you’ll quickly start wondering if you can fit yourself into your kitchen sink! You’ll also find yourself reluctant to invite guests into the home — you don’t want to be associated with a stinky, sewer-smelling bathroom, do you? A Quick Fix If you detect a gross smell coming from the bathroom, it’s time to start thinking about calling HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning — but you can do a few tests first to make sure that the problem can’t be solved with a quick fix. Regardless of what’s causing the odor, know that prolonged exposure to certain sewer-based gasses — methane and…

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