The 2015 JuneHy-Pro Plumbing Blog

Scope Out The Problem With Pipe And Sewer Cameras

Posted by on June 22/2015

Pipe And Sewer Cameras? Every tried to peer down a drain or sewer pipe to find some pesky blockage? Have you ever spent time shining a feeble flashlight into the dark, or rooting around with a snake made from a coat hanger or some other makeshift contraption? The fact is: plumbing lines extend into the walls, beneath the ground, and through the ceilings of buildings—and some are extremely small in diameter, or have joints and crevices that are prone to problematic build-ups. Average drain-cleansing methods or arbitrary flushing attempts sometimes miss the crucial problem, simply because they’re applied at one end with the hope that they somehow make a difference in the dark. That’s where our amazing pipeline video inspections come in! With our handy tools, any household or commercial sewer lines or connection pipes are easily accessed, investigated, and assessed, eliminating the necessity of a major drain or an…

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Clear Drain Lines With The Future In Mind With Hydro Flush Technology

Posted by on June 11/2015

Clear Drain Lines Achieve clear drain lines with HY-PRO’s Hydro flush technology! Hydro flush technology is a form of condensed, focused power washing — an extremely efficient cleaning technique you’ve probably seen used on driveways, vehicles, roofs, and in industrial settings (it’s often relied upon in boating and aviation to get rid of especially difficult grime and build-up). But this same form of technology is one we rely on to get the cleanest, clearest drains and pipes possible — if not to remove scum and natural buildup, but also to dislodge foreign objects and misplaced items, like crayons, toys, coins, jewelry, and other items often forced down the drain. The key to dislodging tough, stubborn stains, debris, and other blockages that obstruct plumbing lines, tanks, and drains is pressure: certain tools can deliver between 7,000 and 60,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). We’ve been able to harness and blast water at…

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