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Common Plumbing Problems Affecting Older Homes

Posted by on August 20/2015

Common Plumbing Problems In many of Canada’s older towns and cities, there are plenty of homes that date back to the turn of the century. And no, we don’t mean the one that just happened 15 years ago. Homes that are 100 years old (or more) have a distinctive and distinguished style that sets them apart from their newer counter-parts. Built by trained contractors or local novices, these historic homes have an individual look and feel that many people prefer over the style found in cookie-cutter subdivisions. If you own a historic house, then you know that they also have a lot of plumbing problems that they don’t share with those houses built after the 1970s. Today, in order to construct or do any major renovation to a home, you have to acquire a permit from the city. Issued according to the Building Code Act, these permits assure that your…

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