The 2015 SeptemberHy-Pro Plumbing Blog

How To Answer A Gurgling Sink

Posted by on September 23/2015

Have A Gurgling Sink? A healthy home’s drainage system is nearly silent when in use, save for the sound of water flowing through its pipes. If strange sounds are produced whenever you use your sinks, bathtub, or toilet, then it’s an indication that something isn’t quite right. While the most common cause of gurgling drains is due to venting problems, that’s not always the case. There are a few reasons why your drains are gurgling, all of which require local professional assistance to repair. In the average London, ON home, water flowing through the drains fills and seals the pipes to create a vacuum. A sink and main vent alleviate the pressure created by the vacuum, preventing its suction from gathering air into the plumbing. When these vents are damaged or clogged in any way, then the pressure created by the vacuum goes unchecked and the air is sucked in behind…

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Get Ready For Fall & Winter With Our Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Posted by on September 16/2015

Fall Plumbing Maintenance To Prepare You For Fall And Winter! As much as we don’t want to admit it, the summer season is finally winding down in southern Ontario. While the cooler temperatures start to roll in, we suggest our readers in London to follow a few fall plumbing maintenance tips to get your drains ready for fall. Taking preventative measures now can save you time, money, and heartache once winter arrives, when complications from freezing temperatures can cause real damage to your pipes. To save yourself from a household emergency, follow these helpful pointers compiled by our expert team of plumbing professionals. Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips And Tricks The most common mistake we see homeowners make during the seasonal changeover is forgetting about their garden hose. If left connected to your house, the water in the hose can freeze once the temperatures dip low enough. When water freezes, it…

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