The 2016 JanuaryHy-Pro Plumbing Blog

Trenchless Technology Replacing The Traditional Methods

Posted by on January 29/2016

A New Way To Clean! Trenchless technology is the newest and most efficient method for easier cleaning! We understand that many Canadians dread calling their plumber. When homeowners realize that they need a professional to de-clog, repair, or replace underground pipes, they expect the worst. They assume the work will involve time, money, and mess. While the average plumber will attempt to fix your buried plumbing in an expensive and time-consuming way, we are investing in trenchless technology. As the GTA’s premier plumbing and drainage service, we can offer a quick, affordable, and clean way to access and repair your pipes. Unlike some novice plumbers, we can boast an advanced spot repair system. With trenchless technology, our team of experienced plumbers is equipped with the tools, training, and skills to repair, clean, and replace the pipes running underneath your home, driveway, or beautifully landscaped lawn without disturbing them. Without unearthing…

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The Benefits Of Installing A Water Softener

Posted by on January 22/2016

Investing In A Water Softener? You may have heard of a water softener or even have one in your own home. If you travel often and sip from the local tap water, you might not be surprised to realize that the composition of water differs from place to place. The presence of minerals in your water supply can do more than alter its taste. Depending on the hardness of your home’s water, it can affect the health of your pipes and the way that you clean. But what does hard water even mean? Your home’s water supply can be categorized as soft or hard depending on the minerals found within it. When your water has a high percentage of minerals, like lime, magnesium, and calcium carbonate, it’s considered hard. While these minerals are what give your drinking water flavor, they can be difficult on your pipes. Moreover, they can make…

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Wintertime Plumbing Maintenance Advice

Posted by on January 11/2016

Winter Plumbing Maintenance As winter is right around the corner, it’s recommended to look into tips and tricks for winter plumbing maintenance. It’s important to be looking over pipes during the warmer weather, but it’s even more so when the chilly season comes along. Jack Frost has officially arrived, and he brought with him snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. As the wind chill starts to dip in the negative double digits, most of us will find refuge in our warm homes where mountains of blankets and hot cocoa are waiting. It’s a good reminder, however, to appreciate that the cooler temperatures affect your home as well – particularly that of your plumbing and drainage system. Here are few of our top tips to keep your plumbing happy, whatever the temperature is outside. Any keen reader of our publication will remember some of the advice we gave to winterize your home…

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