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Should You Or Should You Not DIY Common Plumbing Problems?

Posted by on February 23/2016

Common Plumbing Problems Common plumbing problems are the reason why resort to the Internet instead of a professional. Why? Well, because they are common. Because it’s common, there are bound to be effective DIY solutions somewhere. Sometimes what seems like an easy repair can quickly transform into a larger job – one that you’re in no way qualified to handle. Just as you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about deferring to the experts for a small repair, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about throwing in the towel and admitting defeat.  Don’t struggle through any more of the repair than you have to; the faster we can arrive and take over, the earlier your home can return to normal. Whether a client considers themselves knowledgeable or clueless about their plumbing system, our plumbers are often answering calls about the same issues. The following are some of the most common plumbing problems that require a…

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Keep Your Septic Tank Happy

Posted by on February 17/2016

Your Septic Tank Not all of our clients live in a house or apartment that’s connected to a centralized wastewater treatment facility. We know some live in a home that relies on a septic tank, and there are more than you think! For those with a drainage system that involves one of these tanks, we have a few pieces of professional advice to keep it working well. Tips On Keeping Your Septic Tank Happy Be aware of what you’re putting down your drains, taking care to limit the amount of food particles and grease that pass your mesh strainer. We may come across as a broken record for our regular readers, as we offer this piece of advice time and time again. But we mention it so often because it truly makes a difference. Anything that gets past your defense will eventually find its way into your septic tank. Your…

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Stay On Top Of Your Kitchen Sink Maintenance!

Posted by on February 12/2016

Your Simple Kitchen Sink Maintenance Plan Having a simple kitchen sink maintenance plan can go a long way for the health of your kitchen sinks. We know you probably don’t spend much of your day thinking about your kitchen sink, but as the GTA’s top plumbing experts, we certainly do. We know it to be an important and hardworking component of your home’s plumbing and drainage system. In order for it to work seamlessly with the rest of this system, it can need a little bit of kitchen sink maintenance. That’s why we recommend following a simple yet effective maintenance routine. Regular upkeep of your sinks will keep your kitchen running as it should. Keep Your Kitchen Sink And Its Vicinity Clean A simple solution in kitchen sink maintenance is simply keeping your kitchen sink clean. This should also be your number one priority. By minding what is able to…

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