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Get All The Answers You Need From Your Local Plumber

Posted by on February 24/2023

Our home’s plumbing system is similar to our gut—which is a long main pipe connected with secondary lines that eliminate waste. In this context, the main pipe is the sewer line that removes liquid waste from our home. Sanitation ensures that our household remains safe and clean.  While our pipes are made to last, they require annual maintenance services, along with preventative solutions that include routine repairs to ensure everything is in working order. If you need a local plumber in Ontario,you can count on our top team at Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to tackle any plumbing issues in…

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What Is A Sink Repair & Why Is It A Necessity?

Posted by on February 16/2023

Imagine getting up first thing in the morning to make your freshly batched brew of coffee only to find the water streaming from your tap is discolored, cloudy, and opaque. Not only is this off-putting but more likely than not you are dealing with a broken kitchenette sink. Our household sink is more than just a place to slough down our used and dirty wastewater. But a standard sink serves as a basin for collecting and culling water from your kitchen or bathroom area so you can effortlessly go about your daily lifestyle including your bathing, grooming, eating, and drinking…

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Your Local Source For Leak Detection, Ontario

Posted by on February 10/2023

When you suspect a leak, and it isn’t visible, the damage has already been done. Unfortunately, leaky pipes underground or behind concrete take their time before they make themselves apparent to you via warning signs. Whether you are experiencing a drop in water pressure or even clogged drain issues, you need professional inspection and leak detection. Ontario plumbers at Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning are experts in plumbing diagnosis and inspection services. What may take you weeks or a month to conclude, we can determine the root cause within an hour with our specialist tools. From slab leaks to a…

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