The Top Five Most Common Household Plumbing Problems

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HouseHold Plumbing Problems

It’s no good having a local plumber on speed dial if they can’t attend to the most common household plumbing problems that afflict homeowners across southwestern Ontario. Some jobs are naturally bigger, more expensive, demanding, and invasive than others, but there are another set of tasks that shouldn’t take a qualified plumber much time or effort to complete.

While there are a host of small plumbing repairs you can make yourself, sometimes the problem goes just beyond the realm of common expertise or knowledge, or requires tools and capabilities that not everyone possesses. Remember that no problem — large or small — can’t be tackled by our trained, insured, certified, and friendly staff, so never feel embarrassed by giving us a call to handle some small (but certainly aggravating) repair!

The Top Five Household Plumbing Problems

The following are possibly the five most common household plumbing issues, and believe us when we say that these are not only our bread and butter, but also things we actually enjoy fixing up! It gives us great pride to help you with whatever problem you might be having, with upfront pricing and courteous service our guarantee.

  • Clogged Or Plugged Drains
  • Dripping Taps
  • Leaking Toilet
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Garbage Disposal Problems

Clogged or Plugged Drains is an unwelcome surprise! A drain can be obstructed by foreign objects, soap or hair or scum, or can have a more complex blockage — a misaligned pipe, or even an infiltrating tree root, which will cause even more issues down the road. If you’ve got a blockage that just won’t unclog, give us a call!

Nobody likes the telltale drip-drip-drip of a dripping tap. The average person might not be able to replace old worn-out parts, and you don’t want to keep wasting water (and money) with this problem. When you can’t stand it anymore, we can figure out if you need a new jumper valve, body washer, o-ring, or a whole new tap. We can also help you install new faucets in your shower or bathtub

Hear a constant low hum coming from the bathroom? Your toilet is running … away with your savings with your inflated water bill. Same thing goes if there’s an ever-present puddle of water around the base. If you can’t fix the chain, stopper, or other item in the tank, then we’ll get your toilet working properly in no time. This might mean you’ve got a problem with your gaskets, water supply line, or more, so if it seems too hard to fix yourself, let us handle it!

f you spot water stains, mould, deterioration to walls, wooden frames, or floors, you’ve probably got a leaking pipe behind a wall. This is definitely a job best left to the experts to fix, but is still extremely common. The best thing to do is act quickly and get us involved before you have a burst pipe — an even worse complication that you definitely don’t want!

Is your disposal unit giving you grief? Is it not breaking down waste, or is it causing a mess or emitting a foul smell? This can be a dangerous machine to fix, so get us on the line and we’ll ensure things run smoothly in no time at all.

Is The Problem Bigger Than It Seems?

Remember that whatever your problem might be — whether it’s affecting your main water valve, septic tank, sewer lines, or water heater — we’ll work fast to make it go away. Don’t feel bashful, even if it seems minor or straightforward; small problems can easily compound and become major plumbing disasters. Let us sort things out before that little issue grows to a big mess.

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