HVAC Installation Check! Is It Installed Properly?

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HVAC Installation Common Problems

HVAC InstallationHVAC Installation is important in having a comfortable home that often depends on the correct functioning of your heatingventilation, and air conditioning. Or HVAC, especially in regions of Canada where temperatures swing between sweltering hot summers and frozen winter months.

HVAC installation mistakes may require costly repairs and could even endanger your life. It’s always advisable to hire a trained technician to take care of this sensitive work. If you are wondering whether your HVAC was installed by a pro, check for these common problems.

Leaky Ducts

Improperly installed HVACs are often very leaky. This is often an invisible problem that happens in the ducts of your attic. But if your electricity bill is a lot higher than expected, or your rooms are hard to heat or cool, the culprit may be leaky ducts.

In some cases, these allow more than 40 per cent of your heating and cooling energy may be going to waste as it escapes overhead. Energy-saving pros usually aim for less than 5 per cent leakage.

Weak Airflow

If you feel very little air coming through your vents, it could be a sign of incorrectly sized vents or a bad installation job. Other causes of low airflow could include a busted blower motor, debris stuck in your ductwork, or a worn out fan belt.

Strange Odours

Some unusual smells are normal when you first turn on your HVAC system or the first time you switch it on for the season.  But don’t ignore those smells. Sometimes they can indicate a big problem. Pay attention to these sorts of odors.

  • An “electrical” smell
  • A burning smell
  • Oil or gas smell

A bad installation job could lead to problems of overheating mechanical parts. That could cause the insulation around the wires to melt or burn, sometimes accompanied by smoke.

Sometimes dust burning from the machinery when you first switch it on may cause a smell like gas. This is harmless. But it could be a more serious problem indicating the need for a professional consultation.

Noise From Air Vents

This is an annoying problem that could indicate undersized air vents or a blocked air supply vent that someone shut. What they didn’t realize was that without that air supply, the system ends up working harder and leads to a high-pitched noise.

Call The Pros

Hy-Pro Heating and Cooling operates across Southern Ontario, providing solid residential and commercial services. Contact them to check out your HVAC system and resolve any problems caused by improper installation.

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