Becoming HVAC Students And Great Study Tips!

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Study Tips For HVAC Students

Becoming HVAC students mean you will be transitioning into being an HVAC professional. This means being responsible for the comfort and safety of people’s homes and workplaces. It requires knowledge and skill, and the tests aren’t easy. Here are some tips for HVAC  students.

Major Topics

HVAC installation and maintenance requires solid knowledge of all major areas of the trade. One study guide for HVAC technicians suggests that students have broad knowledge of the following topics.

  • Controls, troubleshooting, repair and mechanical tools
  • Refrigeration, fluid flow and heat transfer theory
  • Filters and charcoal absorbers
  • Electrical theory, motors, instruments and tools
  • Operations and safety

Check with your instructor to find out what exactly will be covered on your test.

Reading The Material

Usually, trades like HVAC involve reading and hands-on practice. When reading, instead of just passively ingesting the material, consider these tips on “Getting the Most from Your Study Material” from this study guide:

  • Survey the chapter by reading the title, introduction, section headers and the summary and questions that you may find at the end of the section. This will help you understand the main points.
  • Ask questions as you read, jotting them down as you go.
  • Go over what you’ve learned, writing it down in your own words.
  • Review after 24 hours and once again a week later to ensure you’re retaining what you’ve learned.

Be attentive when reading the material and don’t skim. With skimming, you’ll likely miss important points and key details that will help you in your understanding of the topic.

Getting Ready For Tests

If you haven’t been a student for a while, you may need to prepare yourself psychologically by having some strategies ready. A study guide for trade entrance exams provides some solid advice:

  • Measure the time you spend on each section of an exam and adjust based on the marks the section is worth.
  • Pace yourself by figuring out where you should be in the test after, say, two hours. Then check that you’re not falling behind.
  • Multiple choice questions can be tricky. Read the question carefully to check for negative or positive phrasing, or words like “never” and “always,” which can completely alter the meaning of the question.
  • When you read the list of answers, try using a process of elimination, mentally striking out the answers you know are false.
  • If you cannot find the right answer, try re-reading the question. If none of them seem right, come back to that question later when your memory may feel refreshed.

If anything, get a good night sleep even if it means sacrificing studying time. Getting a good rest will ensure that your mind is refreshed, and you won’t feel groggy in the morning. During your study days, maintain a healthy sleep schedule as this will allow you to recall information a lot better.

Join The Pros

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