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Our home’s plumbing system is similar to our gut—which is a long main pipe connected with secondary lines that eliminate waste. In this context, the main pipe is the sewer line that removes liquid waste from our home. Sanitation ensures that our household remains safe and clean. 

While our pipes are made to last, they require annual maintenance services, along with preventative solutions that include routine repairs to ensure everything is in working order.

If you need a local plumber in Ontario,you can count on our top team at Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to tackle any plumbing issues in your home or business. Our uniformed experts are licensed and insured.

Hire A Local Plumber

In Ontario, our plumbing system handles all four seasons and is more vulnerable than we think because anything can happen, from sewer damage to tree root infiltration or clogged main drain to a frozen burst pipe. 

Local Plumber for Drain Cleaning Services

Drains and waste lines are responsible for removing liquid waste from your home, but over time they collect debris and create blockages that could compromise your pipes’ overall functions. It becomes harder to flush things away because the clogs affect your drain lines and could later cause more drastic problems in the sewer line.

We want to remind Ontario homeowners that local drain cleaning services are crucial for plumbing maintenance. What you can do at home is use plungers, snakes, but they won’t provide you with a thorough cleaning solution like our jetting device, which is a high-pressure water system that blasts away blockages deep down the drain, leaving nothing behind. 


Local Plumbing Repair Services

Once we have crossed out our routine drain cleaning services, it’s time to thoroughly inspect our valves, fittings and fixtures to ensure they’re in decent condition. Since we rely on our plumbing system every day, we often take it for granted. Plus, frequent uses of plumbing fixtures will eventually result in wear and tear despite routine maintenance.

Whether you need installations, repairs or replacements, we guarantee to get it done right the first time.

Pipe Repair

Plumbing problems come in many forms. One of the most severe is a burst pipe or slab leaks that could cause structural damage to your property if not dealt with fast. Check the joint areas and secure them temporarily with plumber’s tape or compound. Depending on your local plumber’s diagnosis, the permanent solution is likely a pipe replacement. Sometimes, replacing the fitting will also solve the problem.

Typical causes for these damages include:

Clogs: A backed-up toilet or gurgling sinks exuding sewer gas smells indicate a clogged sewer line. A certified local plumber needs to access your cleanout pipe (usually located outside) to release some pressure and make a diagnosis using a sewer inspection camera.

Frozen: Outdoor pipes and other fixtures can freeze when uninsulated. Frozen pipes don’t necessarily burst unless the water pressure flows through them in a rush.

Corrosion: Older homes with cast iron main lines are susceptible to corrosion. Unfortunately, these lines will only deteriorate further, making a replacement inevitable.


Faucet Repair

Is a dripping faucet robbing your good night’s sleep? That’s not the only issue; you could lose hundreds of gallons of water over the course of a year if you haven’t paid attention to your water bill. Other than a repair, we recommend installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances that use less water but still deliver the same kind of performance.

Water Heater Repair

We have all probably experienced an unexpected cold surprise in the shower one morning because our water heater failed to provide hot water. Regular maintenance services could prevent this from happening because it’s another item we take for granted. Water heaters become less efficient over time due to age or sediment build-up. Other problems include the unit being too small to provide an extra person with hot water in the house. This is a job best left to your local plumber. Homeowners can upgrade to larger units to have more hot water reserves. Indicators of a malfunctioning water heater include leaks and screeching noises that call for repair or replacement. There’s additional information you can learn about water heater pilot lights.

Toilet Repair

Toilets are directly connected to the main drain in your home, therefore, any signs of problems are quickly noticeable, such as clogs, leaks and sewer smell. Check the surface for cracks. Or, if after unclogging, the issue persists, it’s worth checking whether your main drain is clogged. Depending on the type of toilet, tank parts like fill valve or flapper are often the culprit for damage. 

Plumbing Replacements

Often, repairs only provide you with a temporary fix, during which you should think about long-term benefits. Replacing faulty plumbing parts like fittings or fixtures like faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets will give you peace of mind and fewer problems in the future. At Hy-Pro, we always suggest the most cost-effective and long-term solutions for our clients to ensure their plumbing system is in top-notch condition.

How Does A Local Plumber Tackle Sewer Gas Smells In My Ontario Home?

Yuck! Rotten eggs! Septic wastewater smells are the last thing we want in our homes. Sometimes, they are harmless and easy to get rid of, whether the smells come from your kitchen or bathroom sinks or main line.

These are the typical areas your local plumber will check:

P-Trap: This U-shaped pipe traps water inside the curve and blocks unpleasant gases from seeping through the sinkhole. If you don’t use your faucet for a while, the p-trap becomes dry and releases these smells. Simply run the tap for a few seconds to recover its functions.

Clogged Cleanout (Sewer Trap): Your sewer cleanout is connected to your home’s main sewer line. Depending on your plumbing structure, it’s most likely outside your home. Locate a short line with a white cap on it. It gives your local plumbers easy access to your sewer line in case of severe clogs. This convenient access allows them to diagnose the root cause quickly and perform sewer repair. A sewage backup is possible when you experience wastewater coming through your plumbing fixtures.

Blocked Air Vents: Air vents are responsible for circulating fresh air in your home and removing toxic gases. When debris and dirt block the vents, sewer gas will build up in the pipes and escape into your house. Your experienced local plumber can confirm that bathrooms and laundry rooms are vented accordingly and check if all your other vents are working properly.

Preventative Plumbing Solutions

In fact, plumbing repairs around the city are the bread and butter of your local plumber. Ontario has sensitive lines which are prone to humidity damage and not prepared for sudden cold weather. 

It’s daunting to learn about the signs and causes of damages, but don’t despair! Our local emergency services got your back, but did you know that we offer preventative plumbing solutions to home and business owners? If you book your annual maintenance appointment, we will inspect your system for any damage and determine what will keep your home safe. This way, you will stay on track. Our preventative solutions are designed to give you extra protection from sudden emergencies. 

Beat the Humidity: We can help you install decent dehumidifiers that will greatly reduce humidity in your home and keep your pipes safe. Additionally, we can recommend our partners in the HVAC sector to inspect or install your cooling system.

Prep the Pipes: If you have exterior lines, use heat wraps to protect them from unexpected cold weather. They will help insulate heat and keep your pipes safe. Also, insulate your outside water meter for extra protection.

Local Plumber for Emergency

As unpredictable as a plumbing emergency can be, our qualified local team of technicians takes these matters seriously. Whether your call is for a residential or commercial property, you can count on us to act promptly and efficiently, offering 24/7 emergency services that ensure you’re safe.

As your dedicated local plumber, we never charge overtime for emergency fees because your safety is our priority. We offer industry-leading treatments and solutions to quickly identify any root problems and make sure you won’t have to deal with them again.

Expect reliable emergency plumbing services for:


  • Sewage backups: This is when wastewater cannot flow to the city’s sanitary sewer due to blockage.
  • Drain backups: Stubborn clog build-up.
  • Sewer line collapse: Misaligned pipes can lead water to reverse and leak into soil, followed by a collapse.
  • Frozen pipes: Barely and water will come out when frozen solid. Chances are that water pressure will trigger bursting pipes. Your local plumber will use a professional heat gun thermostatically controlled heat tape to thaw the affected areas.
  • Burst pipes: Mostly caused by frozen pipes or old pipework, improper line installation or external forces like tree roots or construction work).
  • Overflowing toilets: It’s when neither plunger nor snake can unclog the drain. Obstructed vents or full septic tanks could also trigger the overflow.


​​Need an Efficient Local Plumber for Drain Cleaning and Maintenance?

Whether you have a burst pipe or need a main drain inspection, provide quality plumbing services with excellent results. We use high-end technology for your plumbing and drain cleaning solutions. You can rest assured that you won’t ever have to wait in line for local emergency plumbing service.

Give us a call to speak with our friendly customer service representatives about your needs or preventative plumbing solutions. We are trusted local plumbers in Ontario for a reason.

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