Backflow Prevention With HY-PRO’s Prevention Service

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Backflow Prevention

When you’ve got a properly working plumbing system, the clean water and waste water run in predictable directions — the waste runs down into your city’s sewer system (or into your sump basin), and fresh water flows down to refill your pipes and tanks. If wastewater starts running in the opposite direction — in other words, dangerous or toxic substances find their way back into your toilet bowl or water supply — then you’ve got a serious problem that can result in anything from basic aesthetic issues to extreme (and deadly) health hazards from pesticides and biological waste.

You’ve got to ensure that your potable water supply stays clean, so if you suspect (or know) you’re facing a backflow problem, be sure to call us immediately!

Problems Related To Backflow

You’ll be happy to know that backflow prevention is a part of our regular services. A working system is one that has proper levels of pressure. Sometimes major increases in temperature can change the pressure in your system; with heat comes expansion, which means the pressure in your system is higher than in the water supply. This causes what’s called “back pressure,” and it can be reversed and prevented by installing (or repairing) automatic check valves or double check valves, depending on the severity of the problem. Valve installation is no easy task, so always requires the assistance of a trained and licensed professional — this is no task for the plumbing amateur, so be sure to get us to help you!

Another related problem with backflow is called “back siphonage.” This situation occurs when the water supply becomes drained, emptied, or interrupted. The best way to fix this issue is through the use of air gaps, installed in taps, cold-water cisterns, and other parts of your plumbing system. These open spaces help get things moving again, and, like check or double check valves, they are difficult to implement properly. Always call an expert if you have a backflow problem that needs an air gap to be cleared up.

Risk of contamination is broken down into five distinct categories. Numbers 1 and 2 aren’t dangerous — the second level is only when you encounter discoloration or temperature fluctuation. Level 3 indicates some toxicity that may cause illness or unpleasant symptoms and needs your action. Level 4 demonstrates significant dangers associated with chemicals and pesticides, while Level 5 — the most severe category — means you’ve got possibly deadly bacteria from human waste back in your system. There’s no point in trying to fix the matter yourself or ignoring it, hoping it goes away. When you’ve got a backflow problem, you need to solve it fast.

Need More Information?

For all kinds of backflow prevention, including inspection, repair, installation, and regular maintenance calls for both residential and commercial properties, book a service call from our fleet of trained and courteous plumbing technicians. We’ll get you back in working order in no time and help you keep your water safe, potable, and healthy for your guests, employees, and family. Stay on top of your plumbing issues; call us any time!

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