Install A Water Softener To Keep Your Pipes Clean!

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Install A Water Softener!

Installing a water softener will get rid of your hard water problem! Take a minute to read the following to figure out if your water supply is suffering from the presence of too many minerals. If so, we’re certainly able to help!

Hard Water Versus Soft Water

The difference between hard and soft water is all in the mineral composition. Hard water has a higher percentage of calcium carbonate, magnesium, lime, chalk, sulfates, and other ions. It can be tasty and deliver more nutrients per glass, but isn’t ideal for cleaning or your pipes. That’s why it’s a smart idea to leave your drinking water alone, and focus on softening the water you use to bathe, clean clothes, and do the dishes.

One way to know the softness or hardness levels is how your bath and shower feels. Do you have a hard time getting soaps and detergents to lather up nice and bubbly? Does it take extra work to really get a nice froth going? Take a look at your shower curtain and the inside of your tub — how quickly does soap scum accumulate after purchasing a new plastic curtain? If you’ve got a scum/residue issue, and it’s tough to lather up, your water is on the hard side of the spectrum.

Problems With Hard Water

Hard water will also make your hair look a bit dull and sticky and will make your skin feel rough and dry, and will block your pores. Extremely hard water can even dye your hair a nasty orange color.

Hard water’s foul effects aren’t limited to bath-time — it also makes cleaning clothes and dishes more difficult, and more wasteful. Generally speaking, clothes come out looking duller and dirtier the harder the water, and glassware and other dishes will seem dingier, with more smudges, stains, and other soapy film left behind. Washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, and other appliances have to work harder in harder water, making them less energy and water efficient.

Another problem with hard water is that it can erode and rust your plumbing system. Limescale and scum can build up in your pipes and cause major problems — and the last thing you want is a rusted plumbing system!

Install A Water Softener Today!

Luckily, HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning works in partnership with www.waterdirect.ca to provide great deals on AquaMaster® home water appliances, and water softeners and water filters in particular! A properly installed water softener can remove water hardness, letting you save on your appliances, your plumbing, your skin and hair, and your water bill.

And if you purchase an AMP50, AMP51, or AMP55 model through our recommendation, you can benefit from even more savings. Simply enter “HYPRO” in the coupon code section to receive $200 off your order. If you’d like help installing the model, you can forego the rebate to enjoy free installation by entering “FREEINSTALL” in the same section.

Once you’ve got a handle on water hardness, you’ll want to schedule semi-regular maintenance checks to make sure it’s been installed and is operating properly. Once again, we’re more than happy to help you keep your new investment in tip-top shape. Order a water softener from Water Direct and enjoy the HY-PRO bonus, then have us over to ensure things run as soft and smooth as your next shower.

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