Always Hire Licensed And Insured Plumbers, No Matter What!

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Hire An Insured Plumber!

To maintain the health of your plumbing systems, make sure to hire an insured plumber if you are in need of a plumbing service. You might hear of a dirt-cheap local service or a handy friend or neighbour who claims to be able to handle all manner of plumbing issues. It’s always tempting to save money, but hiring unlicensed and uninsured workers can make your problems much, much worse. There’s never an excuse to cut corners when it comes to property maintenance and plumbing and drain cleaning. Remember the old saying: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is …

All licensed plumbers in the province of Ontario must first serve as an apprentice. Students earn their license by first completing a year’s worth (or two semesters’ worth) of classes in plumbing techniques, principles, tools, safety, documentation, and mechanics from an accredited college. All those who attend college courses must have a Grade 12 education and possess the physical and mental ability to conduct demanding and complex plumbing repairs. Those who’ve received an Offer of Training Letter from the Ministry of Training can meet requirements while working in the field as an apprentice, learning their trade in a practical, hands-on way on the job. These students must be 16 years or over and possess a Grade 10 education to qualify.


Either way, there’s a great deal to learn, study, and understand before you can start making house and commercial calls. On average, insured plumbers-in-training spend between 6,000 and 9,000 hours learning their craft. After up to five years of work and a passing mark on the final exam, these students finally become legitimate insured plumbers. Understand that all this training means these insured plumbers have a firm, comprehensive grasp of the industry and won’t let you down. Unlicensed plumbers simply can’t provide the same kind of guarantee of skill, acumen, and up-to-date technological knowledge, and will likely cause you some kind of grief down the line.

Licensed plumbers will also carry adequate insurance in the case of accidents, damages, injuries, and other hazards of the job. If you opt to go for an uninsured, local plumbing service (or get help from a friend or other supposedly ‘handy’ sort) and the unthinkable happens—to your home, person, or to the worker him- or herself—your insurance claim will be rejected. Don’t cut corners or try to save a few dollars now by working with unlicensed, uninsured workers. Chances are it will cost you dearly if something does go wrong!

Licensed And Insured Plumbers

So how can you tell if a company has both properly licensed personnel and the right insurance to cover any and all eventualities?

First, ask to see the company’s plumbing license, and double-check to make sure this is valid. Request that all personnel who visit your home (aside from apprentices shadowing their mentors) possess and can show you their Certificate of Qualification. Ask them how long they’ve been in business, how many homes and properties they’ve worked on, and when they started work as an insured plumber. Ask if reference and background checks are made on each employee—if these people are going to be entering and exiting your home, you want to feel confident they’re trustworthy and courteous representatives!

If you’re looking for more proof, you can also check out various Ontario registries to be sure! Read this Toronto Star article to get a sense of what’s out there.

Second, plumbing companies should be able to tell you all about their insurance policies. Most have General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance to protect against accidents, lawsuits, medical costs, and lost wages due to injuries and illness. Insurance is there to protect them as much as it exists to protect you, so be sure your prospective plumbing company is responsible and forthcoming about their policies.

We’re proud to say that HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is a fully licensed, comprehensively insured organization that employs only fully licensed, responsible service teams. We’re your professional alternative to the sketchy and seedy, and we’re available around the clock to provide quick, quality service for whatever your problem might be. Always invest in experience and safety, and never roll the dice when it comes to your plumbing systems!

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