5 Plumbing Mistakes That Will Lead to a Plumbing Disaster

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Plumbing Mistakes

Before long, everyone will face plumbing mistakes. Whether it’s a clogged drain, a backed-up toilet or any other number of problems, we’re willing to bet you’ve come across one of these problems a number of times in your life. Take these mistakes into consideration when you’re around your plumbing to prevent disaster.

Things Down the Drain

Your drain just isn’t meant for some things. If you let things wash down the drain that aren’t meant to be, like toys, big chunks of food, and any other large objects, you’re bound for a plumbing problem. If it can fit down a drain, you can bet it’s been flushed by someone at one time or another.

The Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is not a garbage can. Even though it may be tempting, because it’s easy, if you put everything down the sink thinking it can handle it, it won’t. Some objects, like potato peels and pumpkin carvings, will clog your drain.

Unnecessary Weight

Do you have a rack laden with products hanging from your shower? That added weight on your pipes can cause problems if it becomes too much. If the weight gets too heavy, this can lead to the pipe snapping and a horrible shower experience. Many people also lean on the fixtures in the shower. If this is you, be careful. You might be in for a broken pipe and a slip that could mean other broken things.

DIY Plumbing

If you’re into a bit of DIY plumbing, take care that you’re reassembling everything correctly. If things aren’t put back the way they were, this can cause problems down the road. We understand that sometimes you have to get in there and take things apart, but if you don’t understand how things work down there or how everything goes together, it’s probably best if you call a professional.

Quality Parts

If you do fix things, you should always buy quality parts. Purchasing low-quality parts for your plumbing might just mean a failure in the future. When selecting new parts, go with brands you know and trust. Take the time to do some research and be sure that these parts will be able to stand up to your plumbing needs over time.

Are You Still Having Plumbing Problems?

Learning about what can and can’t go down your drain will save you a lot of frustration. If you do experience a plumbing problem, and you decide to fix it yourself, be sure you completely understand the problem and how to fix it before you start taking things apart.

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