Ensure Satisfied Tenants With HY-PRO’s Preventative Maintenance Plans

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Get Satisfied Tenants With Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance starts with maxims like “the best defense is offense,” “measure twice, cut once,” and “a little prevention is worth a lot of cure” — the best way to keep your large properties adequately maintained is through a Preventative Maintenance Plan (or PMP for short). If you’re looking for a way to cut down on costly emergency repair bills, keep your tenants happy and satisfied, and stop playing perpetual catch-up with plumbing and drain systems malfunction, then implementing a solid PMP is the way to go. When it comes to property plumbing services, think prevention, not reaction!

As a property manager, you’re legally obligated to stay on top of the water systems in each apartment, studio, storefront, or other dwelling in your building. As many will tell you, being a landlord means getting familiar with how plumbing and drains really work — one look at a water bill from a large apartment building or shopping mall will give you a swift, immediate lesson in how important it is to be efficient, conservative, and eco-friendly. If you want satisfied tenants, then you have to respond to even small problems quickly, and with courtesy. Staying apprised of every drain and pipe in your building will also mean that tiny, seemingly irrelevant hitches don’t blossom into full-blown plumbing disasters — when something major goes wrong, both your pocketbook and approval rating can take a major hit.

If you’re not used to proactive work, then switching over from a desperate game of catch-up to a responsible, orderly PMP can be difficult. As an end goal, preventative maintenance should account for 85 to 90 percent of work orders. Obviously, this won’t happen overnight, but taking baby-steps—and focusing on one aspect of your property at a time, like your plumbing or your HVAC systems—will get you there eventually. You’ve got to start working consistently, performing regular inspections every week, and start keeping accurate and easy-to-read records of your observations and tests. That way you can stop a particular valve, drain, network of pipes, faucet, or other key component from causing huge problems down the road. Committing to preventative maintenance inspections now will save you money, stress, and improve your relationships with tenants and guests.

Our Preventative Maintenance Plans

Of course, not all property managers are equipped with the knowledge to carry out these inspections themselves. Luckily, that’s where we come in! Our licensed and insured plumbers are here to provide a No Cost, No Obligation Preventative Maintenance Inspection whenever you want to start. We’ll conduct a multi-step inspection of your entire premises, bringing to bear our years of experience, honest assessments, and advanced technology.

We can see where and how drains become blocked, how roots can infiltrate your system, how to moderate water temperature and softness, and so much more. In fact, we’re eager to become your regular PMP inspectors—why not schedule a weekly or monthly visit, where we’ll be able to save you untold costs in drastic, last-minute repairs, and show all your renters how responsible and safe you really are?

Given the statistics of self-induced problems and the savings to be had, it makes sense to start up a great PMP today. Invite HY-PRO to your property and you’ll never think of repairs in the same way again! Contact us today, and let’s get our plan together!

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