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Washer Lines

Importance Of Washer Lines

Most property owners take caution in protecting their property and possessions from disasters such as fires, burglary, storms, and other dangerous conditions. They often overlook a potentially and destructive accident which is the malfunctioning of home appliances, especially washing machines. The primary function of a washer line is the prevention of flooding. The lifespan of a washer line is at most 5-7 years. However, even if they are not showing obvious signs of deterioration, they should be replaced every 3-5 years. Replacing hoses and fittings are inexpensive and can be dealt with much easier than water damage.

The Different Types Of Washer Lines

There are two different types of washer lines that are available. Depending on its material, your washer line’s lifespan will vary. Keep in mind that there are also a number of other reasons your washer line can fail.

The most common type of washer line is the standard black washer hose. They are made out of rubber tubing with a polyester reinforcement lining. These washer lines may fail due to three reasons: razoring, stress fractures, and rustling. Razoring is the process of your washing machine causing the metal edge to rub continuously against the inside of the hose. This gradually severs the material from the inside out. Stress fractures are caused by crimping of a ferrule or ring. Stress fractures are more frequent when you washer line has aged. Lastly, rustling is also known as corrosion. The thin metal fitting corrodes which causes it to become jagged and cuts through the hose.

The second type of washer line is the braided stainless steel hose. This is the most efficient, the most flood preventative, and are able to be turned off. However, despite their effectiveness, they too can be subjected to failure. Similar to its standard counterpart, the stainless steel washer line can also fall victim to crimping and corrosion.

Why Should You Replace Your Washer Line?

Water damage from the washing machine is one of the top five causes of claims to home insurers. More than half of this damage are from washer lines that have burst or leaked. These costly damages can go farther than $6000. Washer lines are under the same pressure as other faucets in the building. When the washer line has weakened or the connection is faulty, water pressure will ultimately break the line, thus flooding the vicinity.

Supply lines leading to your washing machine is always turned on. As such, water will be continuously be leaking until it is noticed and is turned off from the main supply line. This puts your building or home at risk. Thousands of gallons of water can enter the building without being discovered until it is too late.

Why Invest In A Professional?

As water damages can be a costly fix, it is best to check on your washer lines. All washer hoses, regardless of their material, must be installed properly, inspected regularly, and replaced before they begin to tear. Corrosion from within your washer line may not be noticeable, but can have drastic consequences. Do not delay your replacements!

A professional plumber will ensure that your washer lines are installed properly. They will know to leave ample space for washer lines and handle connections with care. Careful consideration of installing a lever valve and knowing where and how to shut off the water supply will be handled efficiently by a professional.

Investing in a professional prevents you from making costly beginner mistakes and saves you time. If you have any questions regarding washer lines, do not hesitate to contact Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning!

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