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Plumbers Camera: Ins & Outs of Accurate Plumbing Diagnosis

November 27, 2023

When you have a sewer issue, clogged drain, or problem in your plumbing system, it can be challenging to identify the root cause of the trouble without tearing apart the walls or floors. A high-resolution plumbers camera is a useful tool that allows plumbers to identify the cause of plumbing problems quickly and accurately without causing any damage to your property.

Knowing how the plumbers camera works, what it can’t do, and how far it will go will help you decide when it is time to call the professionals in. At Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning , our experienced, professional staff and expert plumbers are trained in all kinds of sewer situations. We offer flexible scheduling, so call today at 1-877-554-9776 to discuss your situation and book an appointment.

How Do Plumbers Cameras Work?

A plumbers camera, also known as sewer camera inspection, is a pipe inspection camera with one tiny waterproof camera connected to about 300 feet of flexible in-length cable, much like a robotic drain snake. Also, a base with a monitor is attached, allowing plumbers to see real-time visualizations and record live-time footage if they chose.

The cable is inserted into the pipe through an access joint like a drain or clean out, allowing the cable to be maneuvered through, accessing hard-to-reach areas. The cable is then pushed through along the cable for a visual inspection of the inside of the pipe.

When using a plumbers camera, you can quickly and accurately diagnose problems within pipes or drains without having to resort to more invasive methods, such as digging up the pipes. This can save homeowners or businesses both time and money.

What Are Some Common Problems Found Using a Plumbers Camera?

A plumbers camera can be used for various reasons, from diagnosing pipe issues, assessing pipes if needed for insurance, purchasing a home or business, or curiosity. Here are some of the most common problems that have been found from slow draining sinks to toilets that don’t flush.


The most common issue found with a sewer camera inspection has been a drain blockage. This could include things like debris, blockage of grease, sewer pipe buildup, or even tree roots that have grown into the pipes.


Over time, pipes can become corroded and start to deteriorate. A plumbers camera can help identify areas of corrosion, which can be important in determining where the pipes need to be replaced.

Bellied Pipes

Bellied pipes happen when the pipes have sagged or sunk, creating a low point or dip where water can collect and remain. This can cause a backup or lead to an eventual blockage. The plumbers’ camera can see where the pipe dips down, so they know where exactly the repair is needed.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes, foreign objects can find their way into the pipes. Objects not meant to go down drains can cause a major blockage and need to be located as they can cause pipe damage or other issues. A plumbers camera can help identify what the item is and its location so that it can be removed. Common foreign objects that have been found in pipes include waste flow, toys, paper, and feminine hygiene products.

What Can’t a Plumbers Camera Do?

Although it’s very useful and can do many things, one major thing it can’t do is locate a leak or determine if you have a leak in the first place.

There are three primary reasons why:

1. Limitations of the Camera

A plumbers camera can only see what is visible through the camera lens. If the leak occurs in a location that is not visible to the screen, such as behind a wall or under the ground, the camera and the monitor may not be able to see or detect it.

2. Type of Leak

There are different types of leaks, including slow leaks and intermittent leaks, which may not always be visible or detectable with a sewer camera inspection. A slow leak may not yield enough water to show up on the screen. Whereas an intermittent leak may not be leaking at the time the cable goes through the pipe, preventing the plumber from seeing it to locate it.

3. Other Factors

Other factors may affect its accuracy, such as debris, blockages, tree roots, or interference from other sources. A camera is limited to showing only what it can see. A plumber must use their camera and screen together to determine best what they are looking at, and if there is interference on the screen, then the leak can’t be sourced with the camera alone. In many cases, a plumber may need to use other tools and methods in addition to the camera to locate and diagnose the leaks. Some secondary methods and tests may include pressure testing, acoustic leak detection, or leak location testing.

Advantages of Using a Plumbers Camera

  • No mess to clean up
  • Learn about your pipes
  • Evidence for insurance
  • During a home or business inspection, if trying to determine a purchase
  • No major destruction of property when trying to identify a problem.

Take Control of Your Plumbing System With The Power of a Plumbers Camera!

With any plumbing concerns, time is of the essence, and any delay can get very costly. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that a plumbing system is functioning optimally. But what happens when you suspect there may be a blockage in your pipes or drain, but you can’t locate it yourself? This is where a plumbers camera will be able to complete the job.

They are state-of-the-art tools that can help you identify blockages and other plumbing issues quickly and accurately. With these cameras, plumbers can inspect pipes and drain systems in real-time, allowing them to pinpoint the exact location of the problem and develop effective solutions.

If you want to save money and time and avoid the inconvenience of plumbing issues, it is time to call one of our professional plumbers, who are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to use the plumbers camera.

At Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning company, we are committed to providing customers with top-quality plumbing services. We offer video camera inspections for drain inspections, sewer line inspections, and other plumbing repair needs or issues. Contact us today at 1-877-554-9776 to schedule an appointment with our expert plumbing technicians and avoid a plumbing nightmare.

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