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Commercial Drainage Systems Expert Plumber

November 27, 2023

Commercial Drainage Systems

Lately, our blog has focused on plumbing and drainage issues that affect homeowners, but we want to remind our readers that we also service commercial plumbing systems. Office buildings, restaurants, and medical clinics are high-traffic places of business that see a lot more people coming and going than the average home, which means there’s a lot more pressure put upon these drainage systems. That’s why it’s crucial for every business to have the number of your local plumber on hand for preventative maintenance, expert advice, and emergency repairs.

As the go-to plumbing service in many communities throughout Southern Ontario, our team of professional plumbers are prepared to tackle any problem your business may encounter. It’s because we only hire the best. All of our plumbers are expertly trained and certified to be qualified for the job – whatever that might be! Along with competence and experience, our plumbers carry the appropriate liability insurance in order to protect themselves, their work, and your business. We enforce these strict expectations on all of our plumbers because, just like you, we want the job done right the first time.

Commercial plumbing maintenance and repairs requires special training because it’s so different from what can be found in the average home. While there are situations where homeowners can successfully repair a small plumbing error on their own – in fact, we encourage it occasionally depending on the issue – DIY should never be considered at the corporate level. The size and complexity of the drainage system as well as the legality and insurances regarding the repair are all things that complicate matters, so it’s better to leave it to us – the professionals.

As your local expert plumbers, we can offer dependable services to a wide variety of industries. Our clients take us from fast-paced kitchens to sophisticated office settings. Take a look below to see where our most common commercial clients take us.

Office Building

Whether it’s a micro business of less than 10 people to a huge corporate headquarters of an international company, we can help any office’s drainage systems run smoothly. To keep business running as per usual, our plumbers ensure drains and facilities in staff washrooms, utilities closets, and kitchens are free of blockages. Our team of experts can also be at any location should an emergency leak, flood, or other issue stop business.


Due to the volume of plates coming in and out of a popular restaurant, kitchens can have oily, dirty, and greasy traps that make them smelly and disgusting places to work. Paired with our expert drain unclogging services, our grease trap rescue kits can save even the highest volume kitchen from being mucky, grimy insect magnets. There are plenty of valves, pipes, disposal units, and washroom facilities in the average restaurant. You name it, we can service it.

Medical Clinics

Medical and dental clinics are a change of pace from the drainage systems of offices and restaurants due to the kind of chemicals that can be washed down their drains. Backflow prevention and maintenance are our top priorities to ensure a clinic’s drainage systems won’t back up and contaminate the facilities. As dental and medical clinics have unique legal specifications, you can trust our certified team to follow the law when servicing drain outlets and supply lines.

Regardless of whether your place of business is an office, restaurant, clinic, or something else entirely, you should think “HY-PRO” the next time your plumbing and drainage systems start to act strangely. Give us a call today to get your commercial plumbing back on track. There’s no task too large or too small, and, since we’re available 24/7, there’s never a day you can’t expect one of our plumbers to help out.

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