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Keep Your Commercial Property Plumbing Running Smoothly With Hy-Pro!

November 27, 2023

Commercial Property

Maintaining your commercial property is essential for great hygiene. When you’ve got a commercial kitchen, you know that plumbing problems aren’t a mere inconvenience, able to be ignored or left alone until repair-time suits you best.

Even seemingly insignificant pipe, drain, valve, water temperature, or other plumbing-related matters can quickly blossom into full-blown disasters that can halt business in its tracks, create unsafe working conditions, and put customers off your establishment. The best thing to remember is that untreated plumbing problems will only cost you more money, time, and aggravation the longer you ignore them, so be proactive! Institute a preventative maintenance program now, and catch those small problems before they become catastrophic.

We’re used to all manner of commercial kitchen issues. We’ve plunged into the oiliest, dirtiest grease traps to prevent mucky build-up. Our grease trap rescue kits have saved kitchens from becoming stinky, off-putting places that only attract drain flies and other insects. We’ve unclogged even the most blocked drains and pipes, whether they’re connected to sinks or they’re floor drains jammed with solid food waste. We’ve dived into dishwashers and garbage disposal units to find offending bits of pipe-stopping grime. We’ve kept sprinkler systems active, efficient, and ready to protect your staff and properties. And we’ve ensured that water temperature for proper cleaning (and cooking) stays as hot or as cold as you need it to be.

Other Commercial Property

But it’s not only commercial kitchens that need our expert service. Washrooms are also part of our routine preventative maintenance rounds and one-off repair gigs. As you no doubt know, customers like to throw all sorts of garbage into toilets (and urinals) meant only for specific uses. Coins, paper towels, women’s products, toys, cigarette butts, and other waste can cause major blockages in every bathroom plumbing system. We’re also adept at helping you repair motion-sensing faucets, flush valves, sinks, basins, and other elements of every working bathroom. The last thing you want is upset or ticked off customers, and you certainly don’t want a health code violation. Stay on top of public washroom issues by calling us today!

No facility is too large or too small for our commercial plumbing service. We’ve worked in major industrial warehouses and processing plants. We’ve worked in school cafeterias and in retirement and elderly care facilities. We’ve seen just about every restaurant and bar kitchen that you can imagine. Medical centers, doctor’s offices, and veterinarians have also benefited from our timely attention. We attend to food prep organizations: supermarkets and food wholesalers need working pipes for washing and rinsing produce, and butcher shops need efficient hot water and clear drains. Hotels, hostels, and other luxury day spas all need a great plumbing team on call whenever the hot tubs and foot baths go awry.

Have Questions?

Whatever your commercial property, think ‘HY-PRO’ whenever you catch the faintest whiff of a plumbing problem. There’s no job too elaborate, and no job too simple for us to fix. We’re available around the clock and every day of the week, because we know that plumbing issues don’t wait for closing time and holidays to strike. Get in touch today and feel confident that a master team of plumbers is behind you from now until retirement.

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