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Keep Your Septic Tank Happy

November 27, 2023

Your Septic Tank

Not all of our clients live in a house or apartment that’s connected to a centralized wastewater treatment facility. We know some live in a home that relies on a septic tank, and there are more than you think! For those with a drainage system that involves one of these tanks, we have a few pieces of professional advice to keep it working well.

Tips On Keeping Your Septic Tank Happy

Be aware of what you’re putting down your drains, taking care to limit the amount of food particles and grease that pass your mesh strainer. We may come across as a broken record for our regular readers, as we offer this piece of advice time and time again. But we mention it so often because it truly makes a difference. Anything that gets past your defense will eventually find its way into your septic tank. Your tank isn’t designed to handle anything but water, soap, and bio-degradable waste. That means food and oils can create a block in your tank’s inlet drain.

This caution applies to how you clean your drains as well. Your septic tank relies on an anaerobic bacterial environment to decompose and mineralize the waste. Its success is reliant upon keeping a chemical balance. When you use caustic cleaners (think those heavy-duty cleaners with toxic ingredients like Draino), you’re upsetting this delicate balance. The bacteria that your septic tank needs to operate will die, making it impossible for the tank to process waste water. We recommend using environmentally friendly cleaners (like our line of biodegradable products) whenever you clean. Meanwhile, avoid letting oils, varnish, and paint thinners go down the drain.

We recommend you extend your mindfulness beyond your drains, too. Be attentive of your plumbing system as a whole. Don’t overtax this system any more than you have to. Ensure your house is in good repair, so no leaks, clogs, or other drainage issues put strain on your tank. If you’re a little hesitant to try your hand at DIY fixes, give us a call. Our plumbers will make short work of any leak or drainage issue.

It’s also a good idea to use your water efficiently, so you don’t put too much pressure and overload your tank. By this we mean simple changes to you routine, like waiting until your dishwasher is completely full before you turn it on or making sure you collect a full load of laundry before you put in the machine.

Our last bit of advice is to schedule a routine check-up with one of our professional plumbers. This includes a general inspection of the tank itself before they pump the tank. By pumping the tank, our plumbers can remove the sludge that naturally collects at the bottom of the tank over time. How often you do this depends on the size of your home, but on average a family of four should schedule an appointment every four years. Never do this on your own, as there are inherent dangers to opening your septic tank, so be sure to give us a call once your four years is up!

Having Problems With Your Septic Tank?

We’re also available day or night should you encounter any other issues with your tank in the meantime. Unusual odors, flooding around the tank or drain field, backups, or unusual coloring of the grass on your drainfield—you name it, we can fix it. Just pick up the phone, and we’ll be there today! Our help, combined with your careful maintenance, will ensure your septic tank works as it should for as long as it can.

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