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The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

November 27, 2023

Investing In A Water Softener?

You may have heard of a water softener or even have one in your own home. If you travel often and sip from the local tap water, you might not be surprised to realize that the composition of water differs from place to place. The presence of minerals in your water supply can do more than alter its taste. Depending on the hardness of your home’s water, it can affect the health of your pipes and the way that you clean.

But what does hard water even mean? Your home’s water supply can be categorized as soft or hard depending on the minerals found within it. When your water has a high percentage of minerals, like lime, magnesium, and calcium carbonate, it’s considered hard. While these minerals are what give your drinking water flavor, they can be difficult on your pipes. Moreover, they can make cleaning an even bigger chore that it already is.

Hard Or Soft Water?

Not sure if you have hard or soft water? It’s obvious what kind of water you have when you know what to look for. Hard water makes using soaps and detergents a little frustrating. If you have hard water, you’ll notice that you struggle in the bath or shower to recreate the soapy suds shown in shampoo and body gel commercials, as soap doesn’t want to lather with hard water. You’ll also see the evidence of hard water in your tub and on your shower curtain. All of the minerals in hard water have to go somewhere, after all, and they appear as lime scale and soap scum in your tub. Extremely hard water can have even more destructive consequences as well. Water that’s particularly high in minerals can be very harsh on your skin, making it rough and dry. It can also make your skin and hair look dull and unclean.

If you have hard water, the issue isn’t restricted to your washroom. It can make your chores like laundry and dish washing annoying and time-consuming. You’ll notice that your dishes, particularly glassware, will look dingy with smudges from the soap scum left behind. Likewise, your clothes will come out of the wash lacking that clean, bright look and feel of freshly laundered fabrics. In turn, you and your appliances end up working harder to clean your basic loads of laundry and dishes, running more water and electricity to do common household tasks.

Hard water can do more damage than lower your home’s efficiency. Limescale, soap scum, and the other minerals found in hard water can build up in your pipes. Calcification and rusting of your plumbing system can lead to serious problems. We understand that you need your plumbing and drainage system to work smoothly, which is why we offer water softeners and water filters for our clients struggling with hard water. When one of our certified plumbers installs a water softener in your home, you can escape the problems of hard water. With soft water, you won’t spend as much time, water, and energy on cleaning.

Having Problems With Your Water Softener?

Give us a call to learn more about the water softeners that we offer. We’ll ensure it is properly installed and operating smoothing; and with regularly scheduled maintenance checks, our team will make sure it continues to run well into the future. Don’t struggle with hard water any longer. Get in touch and enjoy bathing and cleaning again!

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