Basement Flooded? Stay Calm!

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Is your Basement Flooded?

April showers bring May flowers, but you know as well as anybody in Southwestern Ontario that it doesn’t stop there. We have a moderate climate, but we’re no stranger to extreme weather. We get a little bit of everything, including rain well into the summer. In June, that means roughly one-third of the month sees precipitation. As such, your home or commercial building may be prone to a flooded basement.

For the most part, these rainy days don’t affect much more than the clothes you choose to wear to work or when you plan a picnic. But there are days when excessive rainfall can put extra pressure on your plumbing and drainage system. When combined with crumbling infrastructure, it can result in massive problems for your home. A basement flooded is frustrating and an unwelcomed surprise. So after calling your Ontario home insurance broker, let’s jump into some of the most critical things you need to know.

Overland Flooding

When your city sees excess rainfall, something called overland flooding can occur. This is when water is unable to drain properly. Those houses that are situated at the bottom of a slope or near a body of water are at higher risk than other homes. Usually, a house can withstand this collection of water, but a small fissure in your foundation or pipes is all it takes for the flood waters to find the interior of your home.

It won’t take long to realize the sound of water isn’t just the rain hitting your roof. Unfortunately, overland flooding isn’t the only cause of basement flooding you have to worry about. Your home’s sewer lines can overflow when there’s a blockage obstructing a pipe in your home or somewhere within the municipality’s system.

Call Immediately!

A damaged pipe or backflow issue don’t need much time to cause serious damage to your home. A small fissure in a pipe has the ability to release hundreds of liters in as little as a few hours. Backflow problems can cause just as much as damage in less time, as tree roots, debris, and others build-up obstructs the lines running water to your municipality’s waterlines.

When you see water levels rising, don’t waste any time before you call our emergency plumbers. Our licensed, insured, and capable team are available 24 hours a day every day – including weekends and holidays. Mother Nature doesn’t take a break and very rarely operates within the regular 9-5. For that reason neither do we. Should heavy rainfall or damaged infrastructure caused a flood in the middle of the night, one of our emergency plumbers will be at your door.

Fully trained, experienced, and equipped with the appropriate tools, our plumbers can handle any plumbing problem. From cracked pipes to tree root obstructions and everything in between, we’ll deliver on quality, reliable, and efficient repairs. With an up-front pricing system that relies on a flat rate, you can guarantee our help won’t break the bank either. We never rely on vague additional charges like time and material, so you’ll never be surprised by our final cost.

You have enough to worry about when you basement’s flooding. Should the unthinkable happen to you this June, give our offices a call. We’ll take care of the rest. One of our team members is always available to handle any of your emergencies as well as basic maintenance and inspections. You only need to pick up the phone and give us a call.

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