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Clear Drain Lines With the Future in Mind With Hydro Flush Technology

November 27, 2023

Clear Drain Lines

Achieve clear drain lines with HY-PRO’s Hydro flush technology! Hydro flush technology is a form of condensed, focused power washing — an extremely efficient cleaning technique you’ve probably seen used on driveways, vehicles, roofs, and in industrial settings (it’s often relied upon in boating and aviation to get rid of especially difficult grime and build-up). But this same form of technology is one we rely on to get the cleanest, clearest drains and pipes possible — if not to remove scum and natural buildup, but also to dislodge foreign objects and misplaced items, like crayons, toys, coins, jewelry, and other items often forced down the drain.

The key to dislodging tough, stubborn stains, debris, and other blockages that obstruct plumbing lines, tanks, and drains is pressure: certain tools can deliver between 7,000 and 60,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). We’ve been able to harness and blast water at such high-intensity levels that it can even be used to cut through solid materials. Different units can incorporate different water temperatures, detergents, and other agents for superior performance, and coupled with a closed-circuit camera system, blockages (and other problems) can be located and targeted quite effectively.

Our Hydro Flush Service

Our own hydro flush service incorporates a long cable to snake down every twist and turn in your plumbing system. Using tiny nozzles located at the front and sides of the cable, water is shot out at multiple rotating angles to blast away everything in its path. This means an instant alleviation of major problems, but also a great method to implement in your preventative maintenance plan. A regular hydro flush service for a large building’s plumbing network will ensure that no costly and destructive problems arise, saving you scads of money thanks to some forward thinking and wisdom!

While the capability to cut through pipes would, of course, be counterproductive in a plumbing and drain cleaning capacity, this demonstrates just how effective properly blasted water can be — and why conventional methods are far less effective. In the past, chemicals or cables were used to clear blocked passageways. While this was often effective for a quick or immediate solution, the offending substances — soap scum, grease, grime, sludge, hair, tissue, and other debris — would quickly amass once again and cause another blockage. With the hydro flush, you can get rid of every last morsel of hair or sludge, creating squeaky-clean pipes and drains that will allow for a smooth flow of water from that point forward.

Don’t Wait!

Remember that burst pipes and drains can cause substantial structural damage to your properties, rotting out and destroying walls, floors, and ceilings. Major property damage restoration efforts will cost you far more than regular preventative maintenance, so don’t allow your plumbing problems to become more than you can handle. If you’ve got a blocked drain or pipe that just won’t budge through conventional clearing methods,

If you’ve got a blocked drain or pipe that just won’t budge through conventional clearing methods, let us know and we’ll bring our technologically advanced equipment to pulverize the obstructions and make your systems look and flush as good as new. In our trained plumbers’ skilled and seasoned hands, there’s no obstacle too big or sticky that they won’t be able to blast their way through!

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