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At Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, our Local Woodstock plumbers are fully licensed and experienced to service your water heater, leaky faucet, sump pump, clogged drain and more! Our local Woodstock plumbers are ready to assist you at any time during a water leak, plumbing emergency or drain cleaning service 24-7. For fast and friendly plumbing services in Woodstock, choose Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning of Woodstock!

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Why Choose Hy-Pro as Your Woodstock Plumber?

Fast and courteous service here in Woodstock. Hy-Pro Woodstock plumbers are always on time and provide high-quality workmanship and parts. Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning of Woodstock continuously aims to provide the best plumbing and drain cleaning services by ensuring quality workmanship while respecting you and your home. That’s why your Woodstock plumber provides full estimates before any work is started, and cleans up after service! Plumbing emergency in Woodstock or surround communities? No problem. Your Woodstock plumber is here for you with 24/7 plumbing and drain cleaning service at no extra charge. Are you ready for superior plumbing service in Woodstock, Ontario? Call 519-937-1423 today to speak directly with a local Woodstock plumbing specialist!

Choosing a Local Woodstock Plumber

Finding the right tradesman for the job doesn’t need to be a daunting task, and HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Woodstock is here to make it as simple and straightforward as possible by offering some key points to consider. To start with, there are numerous benefits of working with a local plumber in Woodstock that has established a reputation in the community. Choosing to work with a local company in the area lets you support local businesses, local economy and can help you save time and money. However, there are many plumbing companies in Woodstock to choose from, so where to begin?

Emergency Plumbing Services

A plumbing emergency can be a serious matter, and if you are currently experiencing one, you don’t have time to waste! The faster you contact a local plumber and make an initial call, the better the results will be. HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Woodstock offers emergency plumbing services in the community and we have helped countless business and homeowners with their plumbing emergencies. Unfortunately, some plumbers try and take advantage of property owners in such a situation, so it’s important to know who to call. The price you receive from our expert plumbers will never change, making it easy for you to get back on track and back to normality. Whatever the emergency plumbing situation may be, no problem is too big or too small for us to handle!

Ask for Referrals

It’s very likely that at some point in time, a family member or friend in your Woodstock community will have gone through the process of hiring a local plumber. Speaking with them is a great way to start, as their opinions can be trusted and you can gain a lot of information by listening to their experience and interaction with local plumbing companies they have worked with. Consulting local contractors or builders in Woodstock can also be beneficial, as they have established working relationships with preferred plumbers. On the other hand, if you are a first time homeowner or don’t have connections in the industry, you can always use a local phone book for referrals, or better yet, go online! You can learn a lot about a company from their website and more often than not, you can find reviews from their past clients as well. Once you have a list of plumbing companies in Woodstock to call, the next step is to contact them and open the lines of communication.

Now that you have complied a list of local Woodstock plumbers to potentially hire, how do you know which one to choose? Simple… you contact them!

Years of Business

Not only is it important to ensure that your plumbing company has knowledgeable and experienced plumbers, it’s detrimental! Be careful to avoid Jack-of-all-trade handymen who haven’t been in the industry for very long, as they can often make matters worse. Checking into the length of time a plumbing company has been in business is very important, so be sure to check into the background of your perspective Woodstock plumber.

Business Etiquette

Once the foundation has been laid, factors such as business etiquette and professionalism of the plumbing company will come into play. Are your phone calls and questions answered thoroughly? Are the plumbers and customer service representatives informative and helpful? Are you given a proper explanation of your options before the job starts and does the plumber make the efforts to explain the work involved? If you can’t answer a resounding ‘yes!’ to these questions, then the business etiquette of the perspective company isn’t up to par. You want to establish a positive, open relationship with the plumbing company and these initial interactions will speak volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction.


It’s absolutely vital to know that the Woodstock plumbing company you choose to hire has proper coverage. If the plumber working on your property is injured and their company doesn’t have adequate insurance, you as the homeowner could be found responsible. This is why Workman’s Compensation Insurance is an absolute must for any professional Woodstock plumbing company. Furthermore, you want to hire a company that takes care of its workers to ensure they do the best job possible. Asking to see proof of insurance is a very easy way to protect you and your property.


A huge difference between professional plumbers and general handymen is experience, training and education. It’s essential that your plumbing company has fully licensed plumbers and a registered Master Plumber. Certain Woodstock plumbing companies will offer prices that seem a little too good are often hiring unlicensed plumbers. As you can imagine, a company that practices such techniques can do more harm than good. It’s wise to double check with local governments and authoritative bodies that the plumbing company you choose is fully licensed.


Plumbing companies in Woodstock should have references in the community! Checking references are a great way to evaluate your plumbing companies, and they must be willing to provide proof of their past successes. You can contact local references directly, or better yet, contact the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been negative complaints logged by past clients. It’s important to work with companies that have a proven track record. There is a reason top rated companies get top reviews.


No matter how influential these discussed factors are to you, no one can overlook price, as this factor may be the ultimate decision maker. Professional plumbing companies that know what they are doing will provide you with an exact cost for the plumbing job and honour that quote. You shouldn’t have to hear the phrase ‘I need to go get supplies’ and avoid those companies that work on a quote based on tallied time and materials. The latter method leaves the plumbers on the job with little incentive to complete their tasks in a timely manner, thereby taking more time than necessary. Look for Woodstock plumbing companies that offer flat rate quotes and you can avoid unpleasant surprises.


Last but not least, never underestimate the appearance of the plumbers who arrive at the job. Are they messy, wearing dirty clothes or are they presentable and in uniform? Furthermore, does the uniform have the company name and does it match the company truck? If they take care of their equipment, chances are much higher that they will make the same effort at the jobsite. While appearances can be deceptive, you would rather have a plumber that takes the time to protect your property than a plumber who can’t be bothered to wear clean clothes in your home.

This information should make the process of hiring a plumber in Woodstock much more straightforward, and give you the confidence to make a decision you won’t regret later. Take your time, do your research, and the best plumbers in Woodstock will stand out from the rest!

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